Plugin host not finding my plugin

(I am very new to juce so bear with me)

first I (like the instructions said) pasted my project builds into the VstPlugins folder, where it scans for plugins. I have added other plugins to the folder, scanned them and they have worked just fine in the host. but when I scan for my plugin nothing comes up. what am I doing wrong?

Do you mean that your DAW is unable to locate the plugin you are developing?

juce has a plugin host that comes with the package, when you run it in visual studio (or whatever compiler you use) it will pull up a window that you can use to scan and quick test your plugin, the only problem is its not finding my plugin when I scan

Did you set the path where the JUCE PluginHost looks for plugins?

When first getting started, you need to learn where everything is. So, find where the compiler placed your plugin, and note its path. Then, in PluginHost do a scan for plugins and use that path. Or, manually copy the plugin to your standard plugin folder, and use the folder path in PluginHost.

The same applies if you use any other DAW or host. They need to know where to look for your plugin.

originally I copied and pasted the file into the folder where it scans by default, I didn’t know you could add new locations, but its working now, thanks!

Note that on macOS 11 IIRC the JUCE AudioPluginHost sometimes requires the computer to be restarted in order to scan correctly the plugins (even if all the preferences are deleted, and all the paths correctly set).