Fresh Projucer Project Can't Load AU plug-in

JUCE Newbie here,
I followed the tutorials, used Projucer to export a new audio plugin, built the project, I see the plugin was written to ~/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components but…

When I load my DAW or the AudioPluginHost and rescan for plugins- my plugin doesn’t show up. What are the common newbie issues here? And how does one go about debugging this plugin loading issue- does AudioPluginHost have a console that shows me what it’s scanning, maybe shows the directories, maybe shows what plugins it’s attempting to load and any error messages about why they failed to load? Thanks

From a terminal, run the following:

killall -9 AudioComponentRegistrar

And then try again.

Thank you I ran it with sudo and verified that the processes died. But it still didn’t load… I’m wondering if I’m missing some kind of entry point code. I don’t see an entry point. I just have 2 .h files and 2 .cpp files and none have any code that looks like an entry point.

WAIT… I take it back. It loaded in Logic but to load in AudioPluginHost I had to restart AudioPluginHost and then rescan. Amazing. Thank you.

So that makes my question about entry points irrelevant. But I’m still curious- I guess framework somehow loads every subclass of juce::AudioProcessor it finds and makes a plugin out of each one… Does that mean you can have multiple plugins show up in the DAW for 1 .component file?

Anyway thanks again.