PluginDirectoryScanner ?!

Hi everyone,

I have a menu item where the user can click and then a DialogWindow with the PluginListComponent is shown.

The problem is that the list is empty because i haven't implemented anything yet to scan for plugins in my computer.

Can someone tell me or show me an example how to scan these plugins that i have installed in my computer ?

I have been reading the Juce Class Api Reference and I think i should use PluginDirectoryScanner, but i'm having difficulty with it.

A simple example would be great. ;)

Anyway, I would appreciate any help from you as I am a beginner.


What I want to achieve in the end is that in this menu item i want to appear a list of the vst plugins and when the user clicks one of them I want the plugin to load and appear. Anyone who gives me an idea how to do this is welcome. smileyyescool

Check out the JUCE Host demo project.


Thanks...I didn't know that there was a project demo for that...The problem is that when i try to debugg it I get an error for plugininterfaces/vst2.x/aeffectx.h....I think i must download vst sdk from steinberg but don't have the idea where to put those files and actually don't know how to download them too, because i tried and the download stopped. :/

Yeah that error is from not having the VST SDK. I get it when I forget to set the path to my VST SDK folder in the IntroJucer. Try downloading it again and set up the path in your configuration properties (IntroJucer).


Also, you should really check out all of the examples included with JUCE. You can find the most recent ones in the JUCE GitHub repository. I think they added a few examples recently.

thnx. ;)

Actually i wasn't able to open that demo in juce...I saw the source codes of that plugin host demo and i think its not what i'm looking for...

Here you have a screenshot of what i have achieved so far with the pluginlistcomponent.

I want to scan for plugins in my computer and don't know how to do it. If there is any example you know about it give me a link or paste the codes here. :)

Why can't you open the plugin host demo? In the demo, you click on options at the bottom left, then click on "Scan for new or updated VST/VST3  plug-ins" or something like that (probably AU on OSX). Then you can select the folders to scan and click scan and you get all of the plugins within those folders.

I haven't actually used the PluginListComponent, but that's just how you scan for them in the demo. 

You should really try to get the plugin host demo working, especially if you program audio plguins. It's a great host to debug with. 

There are 2 demos :

1- audio plugin demo,

2- audio plugin host. Which one of these should i open ?

I can't open any of these because i don't know how & where to set the location of Vst SDK 3.6 from Steinberg.I downloaded the package and I installed it.

The problem is that when i first started creating my project I didn't chose an audio plugin project at introjucer. I just started a blank project with only a basic window...Where do I have to set the location of VST Folder in Introjucer for my project, because it isn't the same with an audio plugin application ?! I just saw that there isn't any option in introjucer to set the vst 2.x or vst3 folder location.

Ahh I see. Well I just Terra's your I otitis post and let me first day, the PluginListComponent doesn't actually let you load plugins from it, AFAIK anyways. It just allows you to scan them. In the plugin host demo, you can then right click or choose a menu on the toolbar to load them. 

I'm not sure how to add the VST SDK to an existing project. It would have been much easier if you chose the Audio App template. I'm sure you can search the forum for adding it to an existing project. You might just have to include some files in your IDE configuration. 

If you chose Audio App or Audio Plugin template, you would just set the VST/VST3 directory to the VST SDK file on your computer. It sounds like you're wanting to make a plugin host, so you should look at the "plugin host demo" example. Open the .jucer file for the demo, go to your IDE configuration, and you'll see where you can set the VST directories. It might be worth creating w new project and bringing your code to the new project.

I opened both of those projects just fine now...I think its difficult for me right now to create an audio plugin project from the beginning because i have a lot of codes to write. :O

I will search on the forum or maybe post another topic to solve this thing. :P

Anyway thank you very much for the help. ;)

Are you trying to make a plugin or a plugin host? If you're making a host, the Audio Application template is probably the best choice. Just thought I'd mention that. Audio Plugin template creates files specific to plugins. Unless you're trying to make a plugin that's a plugin host; then Audio Plugin would probably be ideal. 


No problem man. I'm new to JUCE too, and actual programming altogether (I use to "program" in Reaktor). I like to help when I can though. 

I am trying to make a plugin host, not a plugin.

Maybe i start a new project and then just copy all my codes to the new project. :P

I'm new in Juce too and to be honest i have done a lot of things which i never thought i was able to do with Juce. :)

The problem is that I'm a bit in rush because at the end of this month I should finish my project and thats why i keep asking for help at things i don't understand. :)