How to group components in the GUI editor?

In the Introjucer's GUI editor, there's a menu command that says "Group selected items". This looks like it could be quite useful for arranging complex UI's, but it always appears grayed out.

I can shift-click to select multiple components, but I can't figure out how to use this command. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Lost Marble,

The "Group"/"Ungroup" feature is not available for Components. It exists for graphic elements: Rectangle, Ellipse, Path etc. which you can also add in the GUI editor.

Components should be grouped together by making them subcomponents of a common parent component.

OK, I understand the intent, but it doesn't seem to do anything there, either. If I create multiple rectangles and try to group them, the command is still grayed out. Oh well, it's not that interesting to me for background graphic elements anyway.

I have been able to put GUI-editor-created components inside of other GUI-editor-created components, so if that's the standard way of grouping, that works for me.