What's the secret for grouping?

I cannot find out how to activate the group/ungroup menu items in the Jucer. Are they functional, or do I need to add the items to the group boxes in my code?


Wow, sorry - I didn’t know those items were even there, they’re not actually implemented! I guess I must have added a bunch of commands and then decided not to actually add any grouping functionality!

The new jucer will do grouping, but I’m not going to go back and start adding it to the old version. It would only have been a convenient way to resize of drag sets of objects though, it wouldn’t have made any difference to the generated code.

OK, no problem.

I was just hoping to not have to code all the “addAndMakeVisible” stuff by hand and was tantalized by the menu items.


Not sure what you mean by that - it already generates all the addAndMakeVisible calls, and grouping wouldn’t have made any difference…?

If you’re talking about having components inside another sub-component, then the way to do that would just be to embed another jucer component and put them in there.