How to maintain several projects in a VS Solution

Hi community,

I am moving my project towards a new folder structure ‘introjucer compliant’. I have found a problem I do not know how to solve:
My VS2010 Solution has several project, this is, the Jucer Audioplugin project and other static library projects needed for the plugin (Cryptography, ffts, etc). Each time I modify Introjucer project, all the VS projects in the VS Solution except the plug-in’s project (logically) are swapped.

How can I cope with this situation? Is not there any chance to maintain such projects in the solution?

Thank you in advance,


Why not just create yourself another solution, in a separate folder, and add all your projects to that? You don’t have to use the .sln file that the introjucer creates.

I see. So I can get rid of the .sln file generated by Introjucer and then build my own ‘supra’-Solution adding the .vcxproj generated by introjucer, isn’t it?

You don’t have to get rid of the other one, just use your own instead.

All right.
Thank you, Jules!