Option to NOT produce workspace / solution file?

My open source projects have their own solution which includes in addition to the main project file, the additional VFLib static library project (for browsing and “Find in Files”), the JUCE static library project (for browsing and “Find in Files”), and the LuaBridge static library project (for browsing and “Find in Files” - see the pattern here?)

IntroJucer always creates the .sln and .xcworkspace in the same place as the IDE specific project (.vcxproj and .xcodeproj). These workspaces and solutions have just the corresponding project file and not the additional projects which I like to add (for browsing and "Find in Files’). I’d like an option to NOT produce these, so that people who stumble on my open source repositories do not get confused by seeing two solutions in different places.

Or could you turn it around and ask for IntroJucer to have the option for adding additional projects to a solution file?

Well that’s not strictly necessary. Besides, that would just mean more interface, more maintenance, and more burden for Jules in general.

Since the configuration of a solution doesn’t change very often, it’s reasonable to offload this into the IDE-specific workflow rather than trying to make IntroJucer handle it.