How to make Delay Effect?

Now , i can make basic GUI with juce . 

Next step , I want to import some sound and make delay effect to it . I really dont know how .

Pls , give me some place to start .



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All you need is a variable delay line. It's basically a circular buffer with two pointers, one for reading and one for writing. By setting the read pointer to further back in the buffer's history, you get your delay effect. This would also be the time delay parameter in your plugin. The 'write pointer' will be writing in the current set of incoming samples. The circular buffer will be as large as the maximum delay that you need to handle

You can also interpolate between samples in the buffer and create effects like chorus and flanging. So the VDL is a fairly common building block for a lot of effects.



Thanks youuu , I will try that :D

This course: has the best Juce tutorial on audio plug-in creation I have found and it just happens to be a delay effect! Look at the top PDF in "CODE AND OTHER MATERIALS."


Do be aware that one of the functions it uses is depricated but it's easy find out which one and how to change it!


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