How to prevent mono-to-stereo in Logic (only)?

I need to be able to disable mono-to-stereo for Logic (only), so I use the host name to detect if Logic is running when asked for supported channel layouts. That’s working in preventing running as mono-to-stereo in Logic, but it still shows up as an option in the menus. (It just gives an error if you select that one.) So my assumption is that the plugin scanner is where that menu gets its information from. Given that, I need to know the name of the “host” when the plugin is being scanned by Logic. Anyone know that name?

I always assumed that Logic runs auval during scanning, but I might be wrong

Looks like it’s “auvaltool”.

Doesn’t seem to help, though. I log what’s going on, and it detects that it’s running Logic OR auvaltool, and that it’s asking for mono-to-stereo, and we return false in that case to say we don’t support that, but still it shows up as either Mono or Mono-to-Stereo in the menus. I even trashed the plugin, logged out and back in, ran Logic without it, then built and ran Logic and forced a scan again, and I can see my log saying it rejected mono-to-stereo, but it still shows up in the menus.

Anyone know how to force Logic to reject mono-to-stereo? I can see that Melodyne does it, but how? (Melodyne’s not Juce’d, of course.)

Try changing your plugin four char code as it might be a cache issue to rule this issue out.

Did you check, how the plugin is actually running? Some hosts (not sure about Logic) might deliver a fake stereo input, in case the plugin doesn’t support Mono to Stereo. In which case it could be offered as mono to stereo plugin, even though the processing doesn’t support that.

But I would check @otristan 's suggestion first, sounds plausible.

Looking at the AU scan (of both the ARA and non-ARA AU versions), it shows that [1,1] and [2,2] are the only listed valid channel configurations. I renamed the third field in the triad, removed the audio unit plugin cache file, rebooted, and re-ran Logic, and it still shows mono-to-stereo available in the menus, even though it won’t instantiate as mono-to-stereo, and the scan shows only mono-to-mono and stereo-to-stereo as available. I’m really lost as to what to try now.

FWIW Logic does show sometime stuff that are not supported
and this is a bug in Logic so this is maybe your issue here especially if this happens in Logic only