How to Resolve juce_checksettingdefinemacro.h Errors

Hi, I’m No.0.
(I’m Japanese, so I can’t write well, sry :frowning: )
(I’m a beginner in programming)
So, at my school, we have something like an extended version of a free study project. After considering various research topics, I ended up deciding to create my own DAW.
For the time being, the template is GUI, I tried adding all the modules that can be added, selected VS2022, opened sln and tried to build without touching any code.
Then I get an error like the image and the build does not succeed.

After some digging I found the following links:

However, the problem could not be solved this way, probably because the version of Projucer has changed.
Checking the settings in the same location does not find such an item.
I couldn’t find AppConfig.h from Solution Explorer, and I didn’t understand it even after reading the tutorial.
How can I solve this?
Sorry for making you go to all this trouble…

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solved! Sorry for the inconvenience.

It looks like an image,
Select “modules” from the Projucer project setting screen
→ Remove the module “juce_audio_plugin_client” from the project (the image has been removed; there is no such module anymore)
→ Re-open Visual Studio
→ Build with Shift + Ctrl + B as usual,
→ Build succeeded!
I don’t know if it’s okay to remove it, but that’s the solution for building.