How to set juce project to link binaries?


I catch up similar issues in forum. But it is not helpful to me.

I am using a few static library(.a). And it is working if I register through XCode build phases>Link Binary with Libraries

But the information is delete everytime when I build Juce project. I want to register lib information to Juce project, and it can link binary automatically. I tried to put keywords in previous post. But it is not working and don’t understand.


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Have a look at the raw linker output. You can see there in what compiler flags your projucer options got translated and hopefully why the library there was not found. With that hints you can refine the projucer options and try again.
I promise in the end of that process it seems obvious, and one wonders why he didn’t try that in the first place :wink:
If you need help post the linker output and the directories, where your libraries and includes actually reside.