How to start app minimised?

It looks I am having difficulties starting a Juce app initially minimised. I want the document window to appear minimised in the task bar (dock) on startup, because the app is sort of a background service.

The only way I could achieve this currently is to minimise it after the window opened, but that flashes the window on screen, which is suboptimal and confuses the user.

Any idea?

Why have a window at all? On OSX you’ll still have a dock icon and main menu even if you have no window.

Yeah, I already thought about that. But how would that work on Windows?

Would a system tray menu work? Does Juce support that?

Yes, there’s a system tray class that you could use on windows.

Ah, great to know. I never made myself familiar with the system tray and how it actually integrates with applications. Thought it was impossible on Windows to run an app without a window. I will see if I can add the option to open the main window from the system tray and also close the app from there.