Windows System tray app?

Does anyone know if its possable to make a juce app work as a windows system tray app??

Yeah, I did one of those a few years ago. It wasn’t too hard, though you might have to hack the win32 windowing code a bit to pick up the mouse-clicks.

Pity it’s not a more cross-platform thing, or else I’d add a class for it.

I found this on the code project site out think it will be simple to fold it into the dialogWindow class in juce?

oh no, don’t mix it up with the Component classes, and certainly not the dialogue box class - that’d be all wrong.

I’d suggest having a new class called something like SystemTrayItem, that you give an Image to, and which appears in the tray for as long as it’s instantiated. It could have a couple of virtual methods like mouseClick(), mouseDoubleClick() so you can tell when they click on it. That’d do the trick neatly.

and post it here when you’re done :smiley: