System tray app with Juce?

Anyone have any experience with creating a Windows system tray app with juce??

Well, I’ve asked after this, too. I don’t know if a portable solution is available or even practical, but I’m considering the Windows case to begin with.

Normally (Win32 SDK), you need the handle of a window to hook into the tray via Shell_NotifyIcon(). We can get this in Juce. And you can write non-portable code to create a context menu to pop up from the tray. But further difficulties await - specifically, how to get the Windows callback messages hooked into the Juce event manager and properly routed?

Consider that a common desired use of the tray icon is to run an app which starts life as a tray icon, not as a window. You double left click the tray icon to make the window visible, and right click to bring up a context menu, including the real way to Exit.

Within that perhaps over-simplistic definition, maybe it would be fruitful to try and encapsulate those capabilities within the app framework…?

Or - if all the pieces really do exist - I’d be happy to write the canonical demo code, if I get pointed to the answer for the windows message hook thing…

Spouting off randomly,
Martin Sz.