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I did search and could not find any answer. That's the reason I am posing this.

Is there a way to show HTML formatted data (including <table>, <img>, <b>, <i> etc etc) using juce library? The webbrowser can only display a webpage and not an HTML formatted string (AFAIK). Also the web_browser control in the demo doesn't seem to work under linux. I tried it with two different computers.



There's no way I know of to embed a browser in linux, I'm afraid. And no, there's currently no HTML parser, that'd be quite a serious job to write!

Thanks for the reply. FLTK has a helpview class that can parse HTML2. So for now I am stuck with it. I wanted to switch my project from FLTK to JUCE as it's prettier and has more capabilities but (my bad luck sad )

I guess juce web browser control can open a local url aka a file, which means you ought to be able to store your html parsed string in a temp file and feed that to the browser.

Won't help you with the linux web browser control shortage though...

I also had the same idea but as @oxxyyd said it won't work under linux. BTW does anyone know if the web_browser control works fine in Mac or not

I added the ability to render and HTML string in WebBrowserComponent. Have a look here:

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