I´m soon to release a desktop program developed with Juce, need tips on setting up a one-man business selling it online


I made a program with Juce that I plan on soon realeasing as a public Beta, but before I do that I have a bunch of questions, most of which are not related directly to JUCE development, but I figured there's loads of experience on this forum on the topic still!

I hope this is not too off-topic, if so let me know and I'll go find the button to delete the post :)

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After roughly 50.000 lines of code over evenings and weekends for the 4 last years, my windows & OS X desktop program is finally very nearly ready for beta testing!

It is a bit of a dinosaur at this cloud-based day and age, as it is a C++ desktop program, but that's how it made most sense :)

My old work-contract runs out next week, and so I will concentrate the coming two months before I start my new job on getting this program out so that people can start using and hopefully buying it!

I’ve done all this on essentially Zero budget, and it will have to carry on that way for the near future. Now I need:

A website. I can do wordpress already and have a hosting account with meirhosting which I’m happy with. But this site needs a shop, which I don’t know how to make yet. I’ve been told http://www.oscommerce.com/[1] is a good free solution. It also needs a password-protected forum, that I thought only paying users should be able to post on for support… Any suggestions?

A way of doing very simple copy protection. Simply to keep people from sharing the content of the install folder, nothing fancy. I know pretty much anything can be cracked, but at least a free solution that will keep anyone with an email account from being able to run the program for free right away :)

License agreement text: any tips on a good generic text I can legally use?

An installer. I know about Inno & NSIS but I’ve no experience with this on OS X, maybe you have tips on a good solution that can use the same script on two platforms for free?

How should I go about pricing? I’m thinking I should go cheap in the beginning to get users in, and as I get a userbase, bugs fixed and new features added I increase the price…

And of course, probably loads of things I haven’t thought about yet!

This is a weird program compared to most startups… It is specific to a small market of audio-visual artists, same guys who might use Maya, Max/MSP, Ableton Live, if any of these sound familiar to you.

But it is what I had in me, I lack the inspiration to try and compete with Facebook, Dropbox and Angry Birds so I leave that to others ;)

I am based in Europe, currently Barcelona, but soon Stockholm, if this makes any difference.

Thank you in advance!

For your shop, check out the juce_tracktion_marketplace module for doing the unlocking. (You can use the module on your own website, it doesn't need to be tied to tracktion's marketplace)

And good luck with it!

As for the installer topic, I don't think there is one that uses cross-platform scripts.

For MacOS X I strongly reccommend Packages by Stéphane Sudre. It is free, VERY easy to use and it never messed up with permissions, directories and the like, which is something that other programs (PackageMaker, I'm looking at you) have been VERY inclined to.

Product description is here: http://s.sudre.free.fr/Software/Packages/about.html

Thank you for pointing that out, I didn't know!

I have to admit I've avoided web development like the plague for the last 15 years, I simply didn't feel I had the time, so now the big unknown that is web software is terrifying :)

Hopefully it'll prove to be easy enough to integrate the marketplace module, that's why I chose JUCE after all, to take advantage of all those extra bits that GUI-only libraries do not provide!


Good to know about the installer, one less thing to track down a solution for, thank you :)