I need help to set up and start with JUCE

Hi, I am new to JUCE and am trying to run a tutorial - Simple synthesis (noise) - that is found on the JUCE website.
I do not know if this is the easiest tutorial to start with.
What I like to achieve from this first tutorial is - test that my system is set up correctly - and - get started.

My system as it is now.
MacOSX 10.10.3, 16GB RAM, Core i7
Xcode installed in Applications folder
JUCE installed in Applications/JUCE
VST SDK installed in home/SDKs/ VST3 SDK

I manage to open the project in Producer,
Click on Open in IDE . .

When I try to run it in Xcode it says Build Failed.

What am I missing?


Hey abonello.

Best to let everyone know what error messages Xcode is displaying to you so we can try to help from there.


Thanks Josh,

There are 7 issues shown by Xcode:

Please see the uploaded image.
There is much more text for each error. Please let me know if you need this too.


I kept reading and my understanding is that JUCE is expecting to be installed in the documents folder.
I copied the whole of the JUCE folder from the Applications to the Documents (i.e. now I have two copies - might need to remove the one in the Applications later).
The errors have been reduced. They are now like what is shown in the following image:

It still failed to build.

Hey abonello,

Looks to me like something has gone amiss setting up the location/path to the JUCE modules.

Ctrl + f to search the link below for the “No global header file was included error”.

Personally I normally place JUCE at ~/JUCE

Have a quick look at Jim’s nice post below for a setup guide:

Hi, Thanks for the support.

I kept reading and now I am at the stage that I finished the first Midi plugin tutorial and it worked.
Onto the next one.