Idea: Separate forum for beginners

Currently it looks just about manageable as is.

But as adoption increases, this forum is going to get busy!  Why not separate out a beginners' forum?  That way the main forum wouldn't get cluttered by hundreds of posts as each new user bumps into the same old obstacles. Also core ROLI devs would be able to prioritise this forum, whereas on the beginners' forum users can hone and reinforce their own skills by teaching others.


Good idea. This forum could do with many other enhancements too... 

It's really a good idea, but, in my opinion, it has a fundamental difficulty in its reasoning.
Generally it is difficult to determine when one ceases to be a beginner and considers himself to the experts.

So, I personally prefer a more carefull categorization of foroum issues between preliminary and advanced topics.
An other idea could be the making of a thematic catalog, in which begginers can be addressed  for each new issue, before put it on the forum.
Also it could be fine, if the author of each new topic will be obliged to classify its topic, by selecting from an already prepared object list.  

Maybe a categorization as follows would make sense:

- forum for howto/whatamIdoingwrong questions (a bit like stackoverflow)

- forum for bug reports

- forum for new ideas/suggestions/announcements etc.

Also some obsolete flag should signal when some threads do not apply to most recent releases.

Other than that the existing way of splitting topics seems good to me.