Image source from another GUI component

Hi Jules,


I propose a JUCER enhancement : permit to select an image source (i.e for an ImageButton) that belong to another GUI component.

I'm actually working on a big JUCE project, and I use Introjucer a lot. I have some image resources, and some of them are used in several GUI components. I can't imagine duplicating a resources in each class where I use it !

So I putted all my resources in one class. There's a way to assign images from this class to buttons manually (and that's what I do for now). But it's not convenient because in Jucer, my buttons do not have any image assigned yet, so they are not visible unless we click on it (then its bounds become visible).

I think it would be a good idea to permit, in Introjucer, to select an image ressource that belong to another GUI component.


My two cents...

Bye !

Or perhaps a way to just use an image resource that had been added to the project to be included in the binary data?  That would be great, instead of bloating up all the individual source code classes with the generated static constant image data.