Implementing sound effects made by JUCE into Swift-based iOS project

Hi, I’m new here and have a problem for connecting JUCE programs to Swift-based iOS project via Swift<->C++ bridge.

We tried to implement simple Limiter effect into the iOS custom app but no audio is coming when we call process function, just JUCE library will play audio. We need to get audio output from its effect but we could not get the ways how do we can connect them and call functions from our custom-made bridge.

The sound effect (Limiter) has portabilities so we have completed to prepare its reprogramming but we need to make it clear how to connect and use this effect within the iOS app. Please give us an advice or some guide for this topic.

Thank you.

You are creating an empty AudioBuffer and attempting to use that.

You’ll need to take the data from audioFrames and copy it into the AudioBuffer, possibly changing the data format too depending on what audioFrames is.