#include <bind> no such file or directory

I know this is not a forum about external lib but I have problem compiling
VFLib under linux (ubuntu 12.04) and I think this is the best place where to post the question.

#include <bind> in vf_core.h fails.

Where can I find that library?
I have tried to compile SimpleDJ (taken from the git repo) and I had the same problem even using the already provided makefile.

Thank you.

Isn’t this part of Boost? Try adding that to your include paths if your Linux distro doesn’t come with it already.

I will try,
but I think it should be something related to standard lib as I saw for example

[code]#if JUCE_MSVC

include <crtdbg.h>


#elif JUCE_IOS


include <boost/bind.hpp>

include <boost/function.hpp>


include <tr1/functional>


#elif JUCE_MAC





In the case of IOS it uses boost otherwise I think it relies on standard lib…
I will try to install boost anyway.
Thank you

Ah right well I’m not too knowledgeable when it comes to Linux set-ups. Perhaps try having a look through /usr/include to see if its there or in tr1? If not you might have to download the boost version and set your config flags to use that i.e. VF_USE_BOOST=1.

It seems not to work :cry:
I’ll continue to try.