#include "%%classHeaderFile%%"

Instead of generating
#include "MyClass.h"
it generates
#include “%%classHeaderFile%%”

I’m using linux, juce 1.4, jucer 1.7. I have looked through the code, and find nothing wrong, exept that text.indexOf (T("%%") + itemName + T("%%")); fails in replaceTemplate for itemName=includeFilesCPP.

You’re probably using an old template - check that you use the latest one from the source tree. I think I changed some of the template names.

[quote=“jules”]I use this all the time with no problems (?)

Does it replace all the other template bits correctly? Have you accidentally inserted a typo into the template file? Does it show it correctly in the jucer’s code preview page?[/quote]

All other templates seems to be correct. No editing done to the template file, although I did check it to see if there was anything wrong. And no, it does not show correctly in the code preview page.

Sorry, I edited my reply after you read it…

Yes, thats it! I changed the location of where I have the juce files, and jucer seems to remember the old location.

So, when I changed the location in the preference, it is now correct.

Thank you very much. Oh boy, I spent many hours trying to figure out what was wrong, and you found the problem in a few seconds. :slight_smile: