Input and output devices at different sample rates

I am in the process of building my 1st Juce based application. It is basically an audio mixer. The requirement calls for multiple audio inputs, and a single audio output. I have the basic application framework built out, and I’m working through the details of using the Juce APIs to interface with the input and output audio devices.

I am currently using multiple instances of the Juce"AudioDeviceManager" class to manage my input and output devices, and the Juce “AudioDeviceSelectorComponent” class to select each of the input and output classes.

As I will be using multiple input devices (and mixing the audio from them together), I am not concerned about the configuration (sample rate, etc) of each. I will “normalize” all input to an internal sample rate/size.

The 1st issue that I am encountering is that when I call “AudioDeviceSelectorComponent” to select one of my input devices, I sometimes get an error saying “input and output devices don’t share a common sample rate!” Is there a way I can disable this error???

Also… does anyone know of any example/open source code that demonstrates using Juce for multiple audio inputs/outputs?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.