Listen to a Recording Device

This is only for Windows.
Windows volume controls has a feature to listen to a recording device (Volume Control->Record Devices->Properties->Listen)

I am trying to implement a similar feature using JUCE.
The problem is my recording device is @16KHz sample rate and the playback device that I want to listen it to is @44.1Khz

When I try to set the input and output device in juce audio device manager, its giving an error ‘sample rate doesn’t match’

Any way around this?

Maybe AudioIODevice::getAvailableSampleRates + AudioIODevice::open ?

It doesn’t address the challenge of how to handle pass-thru, but it’s likely you’ll be able to lower the output sample rate to match the input sample rate.

However this isn’t robust engineering as there is no guarantee you will be able to do this.

So you may want to use