IntroJucer AudioPlugin creation problem

Hello !

Forgive my English I’m a french developper !

I’ve an problem during the creation of audio-plugins with introjucer.
I can create a project, build-it, run it with AULab without any problem; but when I run it on Logic Audio, my plugin become all white and I can’t see the UI I’ve done.

My UI appears 1/4 second when I close the plugin window and I can control my AudioProcessor directly with the control panel. I didn’t found over the forum this kind of issue…

If I just create a new project with the introjucer, I’ve got the same problem with the hello world example. But when I compile the juce/extra/audioplugins/demo example, and modify it, everythings works fine, and the code is the same !

I’m running OS X snow leopard, Juce 1.52.110 with XCode 3.2.4

thank you for you help


I’ve done a small walk now it’s works.
I 've seen I’ve got a MetaParameter Flag problem during logic validation test. Maybe it’s this bug source.

Sorry !