Introjucer: No IDE-independent header search paths

When setting up a project in Introjucer, there is no way to configure IDE-independent search paths. Not only are search paths specific to a particular IDE exporter, but within an IDE exporter there is a separate specification for each Configuration.

This makes targeting a new exporter cumbersome; Not only is it necessary to add the new exporter, but also to copy the header search paths.

This used to be the case with the non-modular Introjucer a while ago but Jules changed it so every setting is explicitly set on a per-exporter basis. The only setting inherited is the ‘Pre-processor’ definitions I think.

Personally (I may be alone) I like this, it is very explicit and the only well executed inherited implementation of project settings I have seen is in Xcode 4 where you can see the project/target and resolved settings in one view. I guess something like that would be good but difficult to implement.

The only drawback of the current method is some copying and pasting if you create a new exporter or change some settings. Perhaps a ‘Duplicate Exporter’ button next to ‘Delete’ would be useful?