Environment Variables do not work in Introjucer

Using an environment variable to point to a library is a common practice. Allows freedom to try updates to that library and allows everyone involved in the project to have their library stored in a different place.

I created an environment variable $JUCE_HOME on my mac and then opend the .jucer file in a text editor.

Since there is no way to enter the path to JUCE home folder in Introjucer - I replaced the hard path with $(JUCE_HOME)/modules (for each of the modules listed)

If I now open this with Introjucer and then generate the project/open it in XCode - not only is the $(JUCE_HOME) missing from the header search paths in the project settings, but it somehow generates almost completely empty AppConfig.h file

Am I doing something wrong, is there a workaround (except using relative folders which is obvious) or is this not possible at the time?


We're in the middle of some work on adding global settings for paths like this, will be released soon.

Great. Thanks.

Any word on when we might see this added? The paths tab in the global preferences window is fantastic, but it would be nice to, for instance, add a default boost folder to my introjucer so that those I share the project with don't have to either put boost in the same place on their machine as I have it on mine, or change their project file to reflect their own location.