New little introjucer feature: global preferences and path settings

Hi all,

To make managing JUCE projects a bit smoother, we just added another little feature to Introjucer - a new Global Preferences window, which allows you - among other things - to set dependency paths (like 3rd party SDKs) globally for your machine. It looks like this: Screenshot

You can update to the newest tip and check it out. It's in the main menu under "Tools".

Your existing projects will not be modified, however now you have the option to leave path settings in your project blank, and then they will automatically fall back to whatever you have set globally for your machine. This is also what now happens by default if you create new Introjucer projects. We hope that this makes it easier to transfer JUCE projects between different machines/developers.

We may add more stuff to that Global Preferences window in the future. For example, it could be useful to set global JUCE module paths per machine there, and maybe other things (please post if you have good suggestions).

Also, the Introjucer now checks if your path settings are OK, and if not they will be displayed in red. So you have a chance to identify and fix wrong path settings in the Introjucer directly, instead of stumbling upon it later when your project fails to compile and you have to figure out why.

Hope this will be useful!

Would love a Browse For Folder button next to each path



Thank you, some nice additions there. 

Global preferences are hot :) Thank you!

@Rail: I think it's got them for the non-global module paths now ... just needs adding to the others. 

Drag and drop of a folder works (at least on OS X). Might be convenient enough for you.

Love it!

(as the risk of being lazy, and not bothering to search code), where are the values stored?


In the same place as all the other application settings, for example on OSX that is ~/Library/Application Support/Introjucer/Introjucer.settings

This is awesome. I actually just noticed this today after building the IntroJucer on Linux for the first time. This makes it a bit easier to create a project. Thank you JUCE team!

I kind of have a little feature request that I would personally like to have. So I would like to have some kind of "favorites", "bookmarks", or even "recently/frequently used" feature when choosing the directory to create my JUCE project in. I have all of my JUCE projects in a single directory on OneDrive (that's divided into categories) and it takes a little while to navigate to it. The OneDrive directory isn't too hard to get to, but it's not as easy as having it in Documents. Maybe other people don't need it, but I think it would be a really useful feature to have. 

Another couple of feature requests for Introjucer:

  1. When you go to New Introjucer Component and then click [...] on Jucer file it would be great if it landed you in the current project folder, and also allowed to choose one or two 'favourite' or recently used folders in case people want to keep reusable components in another folder. Most often I need a component in the same project folder, and it can take a minute to navigate through. 
  2. Sometimes I want to create a very narrow component (e.g. a row or header), and I'd like to use Introjucer to lay it out; however I have to make everything super tall as the Introjucer window wont go small enough. Would be nice to be able to alter the height of the view within the Introjucer window.