IntroJucer RTAS exporter doesn't copy .rsr file


Hi Jules,

it seems that for the Visual Studio exporters, the IntorJucer generates the post build event in RTASHelpers::prepareExporter() but the msvcPostBuildCommand string in MSVCBuildConfiguration’s constructor is passed an empty string.

I’m using todays tip, VS2008, Win7.



Thanks - I’ve had a go at sorting that out now, let me know if it works for you!


Hi Jules,

I found two minor issues. The copy path is “…/juce/modules/modules/…” instead of “…/juce/modules/…” and the /FORCE:multiple gets appendend with every save.

The following changes in juce_AudioPluginModule.h did work for me:

// change at Line 310: (removed "modules/" in getChildFile)
String msvcPathToRTASFolder (exporter.getJucePathFromTargetFolder()
                                             .getChildFile ("juce_audio_plugin_client/RTAS")
                                             .toWindowsStyle() + "\\");

// change at Line 314: (added check for existing option)
if (! exporter.getExtraLinkerFlags().toString().contains("/FORCE:multiple"))
  exporter.getExtraLinkerFlags() = exporter.getExtraLinkerFlags().toString() + " /FORCE:multiple";



Ah! Thanks again, I’ll add those changes!