Introjucer, VC++ and Network Shares

For primary development, I am working with XCode on a Mac. Windows builds get compiled from the same sources that reside on a SMB network share. My projects are built on top of what Introjucer generates.

As VC++ projects refuse to build with a temporary directory on a network share (required to be local), I need to manually change the project’s intermediate directory to D:\TEMP\ProjectName each time Introjucer has updated it.

It would be great to have the “Intermediate Directory” as a permanent setting in Introjucer.

I build with a network share as well, and never had a problem - you can set VC to store its intermediate files in some other location, which is a better solution than cluttering up your tree with them.

Yeah, but that setting is replaced or removed by Introjucer each time.