Introjucer, VST Hosting with local copies missing include


Hey Jules, when enabling VST hosting support while using local copies of modules, the generated project fails compile because juce_VSTPluginFormat.cpp is missing an include:


#include “…/…/juce_audio_plugin_client/utility/juce_IncludeSystemHeaders.h”

If I attempt to enable the juce_audio_plugin_client in the introjucer I then end up with many errors, first with juce_AU_Resources.r in AUComponent.r, it has SysError 0 during open of “ConditionalMacros.r”

#ifndef __CONDITIONALMACROS_R__ #include "ConditionalMacros.r" #endif

Then a whole bunch of errors in juce_CheckSettingMacros.h

[code]#if ! (JucePlugin_Build_VST || JucePlugin_Build_AU || JucePlugin_Build_RTAS || JucePlugin_Build_Standalone)
#error “You need to enable at least one plugin format!”

#ifndef JucePlugin_IsSynth
#error “You need to define the JucePlugin_IsSynth value!”

#ifndef JucePlugin_ManufacturerCode
#error “You need to define the JucePlugin_ManufacturerCode value!”

If I instead just manually copy the audio plugin client module into my project’s local modules folder then the first error is fixed and it’s all good, but then it’s an extra manual step each time I save my introjucer file.

EDIT: I’m on Snow Leopard, latest tip!


Actually, that include statement isn’t needed at all, I think it just got left in there by mistake! I’ll tidy that up, thanks!


Fix confirmed in the latest tip. Thanks!