iOS and the transparent status bar

I'm writing an iOS App and it has the new iOS 7 style transparent status bar. I want the top of my component to be behind the status bar.

UIViewComponentPeer::setFullScreen() uses the user area which doesn't include behind the status bar. If I manually set my compnent to use the total area it takes up the entire screen how I'd like. Until the status bar changes size (icoming call) at which time my component moves slightly upwards. Once the status bar returns to original height, my component is now moved down 20 pixels. From now on, when the status bar changes size, my component remains 20 pixels down.

WHat's the correct way to use the area behind the status bar with juce?

Bit of a mystery as to what iOS is doing there.. I assume it must be iOS that's moving the window, as I don't think there's anything in juce that would make that happen, but I'm really not sure what could be done.. Perhaps you could make your component respond to a parentSizeChanged() callback by setting its bounds to the full-screen coords?