iOS build error


I have updated from an old juce version to version 3.2.0. My project compiles without errors on MacOS and Windows, but my iOS build fails.

The eror is in the file viewWillTransitionToSize calls MessageManager:

MessageManager::callAsync ([=]() { sendScreenBoundsUpdate (self); });

The compiler output for this is: Semantic Issue: No member named 'callAsync' in 'juce::MessageManager'

Any ideas?



Are you using an old compiler that doesn't support C++11?

No, but it seems to only be a problem when I try to support iOS 6.1 (if this is build using an older compiler, then you are rigth). I can build without problems for iOS 7.0 and above.

It could be related to Lambdas I guess.

best regards


Yes, most likely the compiler not supporting C++11 when built for that old OS version.

Sorry, but over 98% of devices are running iOS7 or later - we can't offer to keep our code compatible with such a minority of old devices.

I understand that. We are also skipping iOS 6.x now. Thanks.