iOS file browser issue on Phone for iCloud/Dropbox

Hi, I have an app that opens .syx files and works fine on iPad, but on iPhone the .syx files are greyed out and not selectable.


Reproduced the behaviour in the demorunner app. iPad ok, iPhone not.

Is this using the native file browser?


Which version of iOS? I can see and select .syx files on my iPhone 6S running iOS 12.1:


12.1 - for me (and a customer) the files are greyed out and cannot be selected.

The first two files are .syx files.

Hmmm… just tried the “on my phone” section and it’s ok - maybe related to the files being on iCloud…?

Just checked dropbox - same issue. Google drive seems to be ok.

(as an aside, is there anyway to get the browser to show the file extensions?)

I’m not sure if there’s anything we can add in JUCE to change that, seems like it could be a security “feature”.

Not that I can see, I don’t think this is possible in the native Files app.

Don’t understand what that’s attempting to solve though? Why allow it from the phone and google drive but not icloud or dropbox? Also, why allow it from a tablet but not a phone - if it was consistent then maybe, but this just clearly seems to be a bug somewhere along the line (agreed that it might not be a JUCE issue, but something that should be raised somewhere??)

Just brainstorming with my 2 cents: could it be that in that particular context, the browser is only enabling files that have an associated app that can open them?

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Hmmmm. Interesting. Is it possible to register apps in that way on iOS?