Iphone & QuickTimeMovieComponent?


I have 2 questions actually for a project where I want to play audio file from the internet on the iphone.

The first concern is that I tried to play with QuickTimeMovieComponent inside the example project, and it worked fine with the macOSX stand alone application, though not for the iOS application. (compiling the iOS project, bring build error : ‘QuickTimeMovieComponent’ does not name a type’)

Then the second concern is when I also tried alternatively to use the WebBrowserComponent. It work in juce demo but I have not got it working the example project both on mac osx and IOS. Probably I’m missing something ? I just copied in .h

and in .cpp constructor :
addAndMakeVisible (webView = new WebBrowserComponent ()); webView->goToURL ("http://www.google.com");

then in .cpp resized () :

webView->setBounds (10, 45, getWidth() - 20, getHeight() - 55);
It show a blank frame but google does not show like it do in juce demo

I expected that the quicktime and webbrowser setting in the .jucer file was my solution, but no effect.

Anyone could help ?
Many thanks !


I don’t think I’ve implemented that yet for iOS…


That’s what I guessed for quicktime … but you mean the WebBrowserComponent too ? If so, then I’m stuck…

Anyway, would you have any idea what could be wrong with WebBrowserComponent in my case that it does not even work in the mac osx eample project ?
Isn’t the #define JUCE_WEB_BROWSER 1 in AppConfig.h meant to allow WebBrowserComponent ?



No, I don’t think I’ve done that either yet.