Something like a "Movie component" for iOS?

Hi all :slight_smile:

i’d need something like a “Movie Component” for iOS. Basically a window that plays a movie in a loop as background (there would be controls on top of that).

I don’t know if I am right but as far as i understand Juce documentation, sources and forum information I would say there is no possibility to play movies in iOS using Juce classes (at least QT component is not available for iOS)… maybe there is something available in the meantime ? Or if somebody of you has an idea how to solve … highly appreciated :wink:


It’s on my to-do-list… It’s not rocket science, I just need to wrap up the iOS movie view like the OSX version does.

If you’re in a hurry, you could always just use the UIViewComponent to embed your own native iOS view, and use that.

Hi Jules :slight_smile:

I am a bit “cautious” with such things …no hoestly, I dont know if I’d have the time to do this, I am also not so deep in IPhone programming or graphics…but… i’ll have a look on the UIViewComponent.
Are there any examples how to use UIViewComponent ? Just to get something to start with…