Why I can't use QuickTimeMovieComponent class?



I want to use QuickTimeMovieComponent class but I can't.

I get an error saying that this class is undefined.

Look here :

I tried to use AudioVisualiserComponent and had the same problem.

Does anyone know why ?


Did you add the juce_video module to your project?


Yes, I did.


I found the problem.

I didn't know that first I had to enable JUCE_QUICKTIME  in the Projucer.

Now it's ok. 



Unfortunately, I thought it was ok, but no.

After enabling JUCE_QUICKTIME I opened the project and then I tried to debugg it.

I got an error saying " Error    C1083    Cannot open include file: 'Movies.h': No such file or directory    Test    c:\users\geri\desktop\grapefruit juce\modules\juce_audio_formats\juce_audio_formats.cpp    60 ".

I don't have the slightest idea what's going on. :/


I guess the problem is the Quicktime Sdk for windows which is missing from my drive.

Is there any quicktime sdk available for windows ?



Quicktime's a dead technology. Try the DirectShowComponent on Windows instead.


Thanks. ;)