Compiling JuceDemo App with QuickTime enabled


Has anyone compiled juce (1.39) demo application with QuickTime flag enabled in juceconfig.h.

Our application which uses QuickTimeMovieComponent works fine when linked against juce 1.27. When I linked with juce 1.39 it throws up linker errors.

Anyone faced such problems ?


not tried it myself i’m afraid, as i’ve currently no purpose for it. have you tried doing a clean and rebuild? i needed to do one anyway with juce 1.39 from the name of the lib file changing (adding a Win32), which a clean and rebuild solved.

Yes, I have tried clean and rebuild but to no avail.

I replaced the new QuickTimeMovieComponent code with the old one, it worked but with few gliches.

Seems like inclusion of ActiveXControl in QuickTimeMovieComponent has broken something.

Nothing is wrong with the source code - I obviously always check it in various different IDEs, and the pre-compiled juce demo on the website has OpenGL in it.

Must just be some strange setting on your machine - check your library + include paths.

It works :slight_smile: