iPhone X hide bar at bottom edge of screen

I have a MidiKeyboardComponent along the bottom of my app. My app runs in landscape view exclusively. The homescreen/app changing bar along the bottom is pretty annoying and I would like to hide it like many games do. Ideally this would force you to use the “home” gesture (swiping up from the bottom) twice before the bar engages.

After a bit of digging I found that apple supports this by using


I cannot seem to interact with this method with my current understanding. How can I achieve this?

Hi, I don’t have the solution, but just wanted to bump this because I am having the same issues with the edge of the screen. Also, when in landscape mode, I am also experiencing a touch delay on the left and right edge of the screen (where the speakers are). I imagine it is also due to this gesture handling thing.

I don’t yet have a true solution, but I have some related information to share.
In the Projucer under Exporters > Xcode (iOS) we have the option to Enable Status Bar Hidden as well as force Landscape via iPad/iPhone Screen Orientation

Hiding the status bar gets us part of the way there :slight_smile:

Eventually I need to not only hide the bar, but completely disable the sideswipe(switch apps)/up-stroke(home) gesture until an up-stroke(home) gesture has already been recorded once. An example of the desired behavior can be found in Garageband.