Is it possible to port a project's code which has been written with Xcode, to JUCE?

Hi, i have a project that has been created and completed with Xcode. I want to port it to Juice in order to make it work for other platforms like Win and Linux. Is there a proper way to do this or should i review whole project, delete Xcode library parts and change the whole project? Is there any one who has experience about this issue ? What is your advice ?
Thank you for your answers.

You will need to review and restructure the project. Note that also when using Juce, you will still use Xcode on macOs to build the project. (The “live build” feature in Projucer is not meant for making actual distributable builds of the project.)

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Well, a major point that makes a JUCE-based project cross-platform is to use JUCE library to do all OS-specific stuff like GUI, Audio, Threading just to name some of the biggest tasks. So if your Xcode Project uses the Apple specific APIs I think there is a lot work to do to port your project to JUCE – so rewriting big parts of it will be needed in any case.

I see. It looks like there will be a lot of things to be done. Thank you for your answers again. Have a good day !