Is Juce suitable for making a step sequencer?


I’m a computer science student and for a project I need to make a step sequencer (Example: basically making sequences out samples and adding them to a track) . So I was looking for a good sound library to make it with. That is how I found Juce.

So now is my question, is this possible in Juce?

And is it possible to play multiple samples synchronous? Because that's the aspect that isn't guaranteed in every sound library we found.

I don’t need code or anything, just want to know if it’s possible to make it with Juce. I got experience in C++ programming but none in manipulating audio or anything like that.

If I know it’s possible to make it in Juce I can spend my time figuring out how to make it without being it a waste. Also it would really help if anyone got some tips on how to get started with making a step sequencer or programming in Juce in general.

Thanks in advance for the help!


We wrote a step-sequencer in Tracktion, that's all juce, of course.. ;)

And I've seen many other step-sequencers mentioned on the forum in the past, I think it's pretty common.

Thanks for the quick answer!
Now I can start working on it!