Is $(OutDir) available for OS X builds?

I’ve been using $(OutDir) in the Projucer “Post-build Command” for Visual Studio but get “OutDir: command not found” for an Xcode OS X project if I use it in the “Post-build shell script” field. Is there a place where things like OutDir are described? Google and searches are coming up empty. Thanks.

Searching / RTFM is priceless…

DSTROOT - Directory path. Identifies the directory into which the product is placed. In this directory, the product is laid out exactly as it would be installed in a user’s filesystem.

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I think you may have been looking in the wrong place: $(OutDir) is a Visual Studio macro, rather than anything directly related to the Projucer. @ttg’s reply provides the equivalent for Xcode.

Thanks for the clarification. I was able to resolve my particular issue by using the “Xcode Resource” settings in Projucer for some resource files but it’s good to know scope of the macros and where to find others.
Thanks again.