Is there a basic generic license agreement text for plugins?

I’ve written some software that works with/alongside a DAW.

Just looking for some generic standard license agreement that add to and amend for my software (for the setup installation process that is).

You could use something like this:

It’s pretty standard although probably not complete (e.g. no limitation of liability), and there are a couple more similar templates and generators. No idea if it’s in line with the laws in your country.

If you don’t care, it’s probably enough, and normally no one cares anyway and reads these things.

That said, do think about getting your EULA at least checked by a lawyer (cheaper than having one write it from scratch).

Also, careful with copyright/licensing of template texts. Sometimes such templates and generators are kinda designed to sue people who use these texts and remove the “Generated by” attribution for copyright infringement.

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thanks, it gave me a good start
I added:

  • Non liability for any loss or corruption of data
  • exactly what data I collect during activation
  • How many computers the user can install on
  • NFR (or not as the case may be)

I’m looking at other licenses to see what other vendors have inserted to give me more ideas…