Is this expected behaviour?

I have the following code in my plugin constructor:

Logger::writeToLog("CABBAGE_AU defined");
File myFile = File("~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/CabbageAU.component");

But instead of printing the filename and path given to File() I get this instead:


What's up with that? It looks like when the AU binary is loaded from Garageband, ~/Library gets expanded to 


I'm using JUCE 4.02. 


Sorry, looks like you're getting sandboxed!

Oh no. Worst news ever!

Is there a way around it? 

No! But you can use other directories which are not affected by sandboxing.

You can use ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/YourCompanyName/YourSettings.conf

Other plugins incl. logic use the "Audio Music Apps" to store there content/presets/settings etc...







That's good to know. Although I wish I had figured this out before wasting quite some time today wondering what the flip was going on!