Issues with file names and Unicode on Mac OS X

Hello !

One of my collaborators showed me an issue with file names on Mac OS X which contain specific Unicode characters. The file names displayed in the Finder and say in one of the load file JUCE dialog window, such as the one in the JUCE demo, are not the same at all. In JUCE, some characters are replaced with line jumps or other random stuff :

What can be done to make JUCE display correctly the file names ?

Thanks in advance !

It looks like an issue that I had, apparently juce (or the macos api used by juce, I don’t know) cannot display some multi-byte characters in the unicode variant used in macos filenames. So when I get a filename from macos, I had to convert it to precomposed unicode with String::convertToPrecomposedUnicode(), and then I could display properly this string in JUCE.