JUCE 4 summit stream

Can you please stream the summit.



That's a possibility, will confirm closer to the date!

For those who've missed the announcement, you can register interest for the JUCE summit here


Thanks, we’ve used http://www.ustream.tv to stream events and it worked well.



That would be awesome if y'all could do that. I would definitely tune in. :) 


Wont be able to make the summit and would love to hear about the new developments. Exciting times ! :)

I'm actually getting married that day.  

So have fun :) 

Wow - congrats Jim! Would your new wife mind if you ducked out of the reception for a bit? :)

Maybe I could swing a combined event.  I suspect we will have over catered anyway :) 

A stream would be amazing! I'd be willing to pay if necessary.

+1. Can't make it and would love to see the videos on youtube afterwards.

Any word on this? :D

Hi everyone,

Sorry, we won't live stream, but we'll release the videos in the following weeks after the Summit. 

Looking forward to those videos. Thx!

I would appreciate it if you would be able to post videos of the Summit sessions.

I was unable to attend in-person.



There's no way I could get several thousands kilometers to London (especially with the new Juce pricing I need to make money for my new licence :-D ) at this point. But still I'd like to see what you want to show us users...