Juce summit

I just though I would check that theres been no update on a Juce Summit date that I have missed in any emails out to Jucers etc ? 

I'm assuming announcing a date is being held off until the release of version 4 ?



Yes, we'll be announcing a date before too long!

The web page at http://www.juce.com/summit looks bad on Safari 8.0.8 on OS X 10.10.5

btw: still cannot upload images to this forum, so I used imgur.com..

Thanks for reporting. We'll fix this as soon as possible.

Is there a prize for buying the first ticket ? :) think it may have been me (rather keen I know). 


Very excited about the projucer talk. Is there any word on whether JUCE4 will remain open source / GPL licensed ? 

I'm assuming it will be but best to check. 

Any chance these presentations/workshops will be available for viewing online at some point for those who can't make it?


Yes, we will do our best to broadcast the Summit, to be confirmed closer to the date. 

Just saw the JUCE 4 October launch announcement (http://www.juce.com/juce-4) and wondered if the summit is still on for November

Yes, definitely still on!

Submission deadline: 9th October 2015
Decision notifications by: 16th October 2015

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