Launch of JUCE 4 and Summit reported

Hi all,

In planning our features for JUCE 4, we realised that there was something awesome we could do, but which couldn't be done by July.. In fact, we thought this idea was so awesome that we decided to delay the whole launch and the Summit by a few months and roll out something really special in the Autumn instead!

We have heard from many of you that you would prefer for the Summit to take place during the week rather than at the weekend, and we will host the Summit during the week.

We hope that you will be able to attend the Summit in London, and we can’t wait to release JUCE 4! Please register your interest here  to hear from us when the new dates are announced! 

Wise moves. Thought there was something like that going on. 

Patiently waiting for the exciting newness on the horizon...

You probably want to update the headline of the form which still state July :)

Looks forward to it.

Thanks, Olivier! It's now corrected. 

Much appreciated, thanks!

Thats great!

Should i buy juce 3 now? or wait for juce 4? 
do you already know the pricing and upgrade policy?


best! and good luck!


Do we have to re-register interest if we already registered before for July?

Thanks for asking. If you registered interest to attend the Summit, we'll keep you updated when the tickets become available, no need to register interest again. 

Hi there, 

registering for JUCE 3 depends on when you have a commercial product on the market. If your product is not distributed before the Autumn, then i suggest you wait but if you have a closed source product already out there, it would be best to get a license. 

I'm aware that this would add quite a few technical complications, but I hope you'll consider a webcast of the event.


I have the same question, and seeing as you didn't answer the part about the upgrade, I thought I'd ask again, rephrasing slightly:

Is there some sort of upgrade, discount, or even free version of v4 when it comes out, for those of us that buy v3 now?

For your bigger customers this may not be an issue, but a deveoper that expects to make little money from the released product (but still wants to stay closed source), paying the license fee twice is a lot of money, and at least speaking for myself, I'd rather postpone the release of my softare by a few months than pay more money for the license, so it'd be good to know!

We obviously can't announce an upgrade policy when we've not yet even announced what V4's licensing model is going to be!

When we launch V4 we'll give details about this - until then all I can say is that we're constantly aware of the needs of the smaller devs and want to make sure we do everything we can to keep you guys happily using the platform!

Ah ok, I missed the part about the licensing model change!

Well, I'll make sure to keep checking in in the meanwhile...

I meant to start beta-testing the software, which will mean I need to send the software to future users, and I will thus need a license, so it would have been reassuring to know about payment...

I'll trust that you won't double charge within months apart then, and get a license before I start the distribution to beta testers, thanks!

yep. It's a pity that in the license the following :

1.4. Software: any version of the JUCE software, up to and including version 4.x. Versions of JUCE marked 5.0 or later are not covered by this Agreement, unless such a version was released at a date earlier than one year after the Effective Date of this Agreement.

has recently been replaced by :

1.4. Software: any version of the JUCE software, up to and including version 3.x.

Hi there, and thanks for noticing. Indeed we have changed that line in the contract, and a purchase of JUCE V3 will not imply a free update to V4. The reason is that we are updating the licensing model for V4, and that clause made the change a little difficult.  We are working hard to develop new features though, which will make up for the license changes and that customer should find fair. 



Hi Mikey,

We'll do our best to broadcast the Summit and will confirm closer to the date. 


If we wait until V4 comes out to purchase/release a product and the license model is not appropriate or cost prohibitive will the current V3 license still be available at that time?

Hi Darren,

People who have subscribed to V3 will always be able to use the code they bought a license for, but they will have to maintain their own copy of it. There is no guarantee that the V3 code will be maintained and updated after we release V4. 

does it mean that you're going to revoke the right of a free update to juce 4 to those who bought juce 3 before that contract change?

We are still in the process of working this part out, but I can guarantee that it will be fair.