JUCE4 release


we are getting started with this rather ambitious project right now, and given the fact that JUCE4 will be appearing soon, I need to know some things in order to be able to plan better. We need to estimate wether waiting for 4 and buying the new licenses will pay off and if that fits with our project schedule.

  1. How invasive will the API changes be switching from 3 -> 4?
    On the JUCE4 page there are mainly added features announced, however I suppose some of the existing interfaces will also be subject to change. Since there is a lot of (not yet) legacy JUCE3 code around in the predecessor to this project, it would be very helpful if you could give a rough overview so we can estimate how costly porting the existing codebase to JUCE4 would be.
  2. Do you think you will make the announced release in october this year?
    The project runtime has started beginning of this month, so we really need to start developing. If the release will happen this month as announced it would be fine to wait the 2 weeks, however if it will be e.g. unveiled at the JUCE summit end of November it already becomes a bit difficult. This depends heavily on the answer to 1. of course.
  3. Can you give a rough estimate about when the planned restructuring of OpenGL context handling will get into JUCE4? It is a feature we pretty much rely on for the project, so this timing is crucial for us. 
  4. When will you stop supporting / fixing bugs inside JUCE3? If you support it for some time, might features even be backported (GL context handling specifically)?

Thanks in advance!


1. Not very invasive - can't actually think of any breaking changes at all (don't quote me on that though! There could be one or two minor changes)

2. That's the plan. We're mainly waiting for website improvements right now. Worst case it'll be before the JUCE summit, which is mid-November.

3. It'll be one of the first things we do after release, if not before.

4. As soon as V4 is out, no further changes will be committed to V3. In fact, the GIT master branch will simply become tagged as V4 and continue from there.

That's really good news to us, great! Regarding the licensing, will the conditions stay approximately the same as with JUCE3? Thanks!

The new licensing will provide more options - details to be announced soon..