JUCE 4 Requirements


Is requirements announced ( http://www.juce.com/juce-4 ) is for the JUCE API, for the PROJUCER or both?

There's actually no new requirements for the library itself.

BUT be warned that at some point in the next year we'll make it mandatory to have a C++11 compiler. We haven't decided whether that'll be during juce V4 or whether we'll leave it until V5, but it's coming!

For the projucer, we'll initially offer an OSX version - the Windows version will be ready when we resolve some bugs in LLVM, and linux will follow soon after that. We'll expect you to have an up-to-date OS and a decent machine to run it.

OK, thanks for clarifications.

Hi Jules!

Do you expect the release of JUCE4 within the next days or will it rather be end of october. I need to do some scheduling...


Thanks and Best Regards,


We're mainly waiting on website updates - won't be long!

Let me highjack the thread, but I feel it's related: are the pending tutorials coming along as well?

Yes, lots of tutorials in the pipeline..

Great! Thanks.